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Hello fellow bloggers, welcome to our blog, our goal is to improve the old fashioned Blogger blogging platform by adding some widgets that are essential tools that every blogger should use. In blogging technology Blogger platform is little outdated compared to other blog platforms,considering they have some cool widgets,tools and plugins ,but the bright thing is that Blogger is very easy to use.We will keep going "easy way" with all widgets that are available for you to use to get more professional and updated blog.And by "easy way" we mean that there will be no widgets that will require for you to change your template or code anything!! So check out our blog for some cool widgets that your blog is lacking!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Better Comment system for Blogger!

This little widget is perfect for bloggers that want better control over their post comments ,if you find Blogger default system over complicated,or you think that default system is lacking of some nice functions, here is nice improved comment system for blogger, and best of all you don't have to know any code or make manul changes to the template.  So why would consider using this comment system, here a few pros :

-Reply-By-Email: Respond to and moderate comments via email.
-Email Notifications: Receive alerts for replies and new comments.
-Threading: Reply directly to a specific comment with nested replies.
-Commenter Profiles: Give your readers' voices an identity!
-Reputation Scores: Get a quick overview of a commenter's history.
-Comment Voting:Multiple Admins illustration Bring the best comments to the front.
-Comment History: Keep track of all of your comments.
-Moderation: Auto-filter comments by keyword, email and IP addresses.
-Blacklisting: Auto-delete comments by keyword, email and IP addresses, or ban users from posting.
-Spam Filters: Akismet keeps the spam at bay.
-Multiple Admins:Multiple Admins illustration Assign additional admins to manage the same blog/website.
-Facebook Connect: Comment using your Facebook profile.
-Twitter Sign-In: Post with your Twitter account and tweet your comments.
-OpenID: No need to create another account. Use your OpenID!
-Gravatar: Full integration with your Gravatar profile.
-Online Identity:Online Identity example screenshot Get to know your readers and let them connect with each other.
-Guest Commenting: Post without an account.

Here is an example image on how this comment system looks like when you install it on your Blogger blog :

The installation is really easy,Go to IntenseDebate website and register account,while registering choose the option to install comment widget on blog instead of just registering an account.This will take you to following screen :

Enter your blog web address in box as shown in photo,next choose your platform - Blogger and click nex step this will take you to step 3. :

Select checkboxes as shown above and follow directions in scroll box.

 If you like this widget go to IntenseDebate to get it.