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Hello fellow bloggers, welcome to our blog, our goal is to improve the old fashioned Blogger blogging platform by adding some widgets that are essential tools that every blogger should use. In blogging technology Blogger platform is little outdated compared to other blog platforms,considering they have some cool widgets,tools and plugins ,but the bright thing is that Blogger is very easy to use.We will keep going "easy way" with all widgets that are available for you to use to get more professional and updated blog.And by "easy way" we mean that there will be no widgets that will require for you to change your template or code anything!! So check out our blog for some cool widgets that your blog is lacking!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

ShareThis widget for your blog!

This great sharing widget is everything that a blogger needs to make their blog popular on many social networks.Share this is a widget that combines different social networks like buttons into one widget so your users can feature or like your blog.Share this widget has really nice user friendly interface for your custom widget setup.Here are some button style choices :

Except Twitter,Facebook and Google +1, you can add many other social netowrk buttons to this widget,some of services are:
-Reddit and so much more..

If you like this widget and you would like to have this on your blog go to Share This and follow widget customizations steps.